Friday, 25 September 2015

(Comic) O' Captain, my Captain....a look at Captain Marvel Vol. 1

Can I just say first that going through the comics on Googleplay (I download my comics, for ease of access,) that the comments frustrated me.

"Captain Marvel will always be a man to me."

"Hated this. Captain Marvel shouldn't be a woman."

We had this with Thor as well.

So when reading, always remember to retain an open mind.

This incarnation of Captain Marvel is the 7th in a line of Captain Marvels and I'll say this too: Carol Danvers isn't the first female Captain Marvel.

All I'm asking is that you open your minds a little more.

Now that I've had my two cents, let's have a look at the comic.

The story is set with Carol Danvers on earth, living in the crown of the Statue of Liberty. Feeling that she's gotten herself into a rut, she misses the adventure and excitement of the unknown.

So, she tells her significant other, James 'Rhodey' Rhodes that she's going to space.

He supports her decision and tells her that he'll be here when she returns.

Carol's mission in space is to return a young Nowlian named Tic to her new home on Torfa. She does this with the help of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

When they arrive, they receive news that the refugees are getting sick and dying. The King of Spartax and Star Lord's father, J'son, is trying to move the healthy off world and leaving the rest to die.

But there's more to this than meets the eye and Carol, Avenger of Earth and Galactic representative, will do all she can to save the refugees and find out if something is causing the sickness.

DeConnick's writing is sharp and sassy, with a lot of moments where you find yourself laughing out loud. It also shows Carol Danvers as a well rounded woman who, while she was not the ideal pick for the task Tic had posed, proves that she can get the job done, regardless.

Danvers is likeable and I really like the relationships she develops as the story progresses.

DeConnick shows that including all genders, binary and non is an easy task and shows it tastefully.

The art in this comic shows the characters with sharp edges, as though they were drawn with a razor blade, while the backgrounds contrast with rounded edges and a sort of, hazy look, as though you were looking at them in the middle of a desert on a hot day.

It's a nice contrast and I really enjoy the style.

Overall, I don't understand what everyone's beef was with this comic.

If you're going to judge a piece of art, you judge it based on the quality of story and art, not hating on it because it doesn't fill those needs of nostalgia.

Please, I implore you, give this a read with an open mind. It's well worth it.

5 stars.

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