Thursday, 24 September 2015

(Comic) Something's fishy....a look at Aquaman: Sub Diego vol. 1

The story opens on a panda underwater. I have to admit that it's the first time I've been surprised by an opening.

Turns out part of San Diego has been submerged in water and the people there have developed gills in a case of rapid evolution. Aquaman's job is to save lives and find out the source of people developing gills.

He makes a friend in a young woman named Lorena, who I really enjoyed as a character. She's strong willed, but has a lot to learn about leading people.

But more importantly, it showed that Arthur was born to lead.

(Prepare for paragraphs on the justification of Aquaman's general awesomeness.)

Now you might be wondering, in comparison to Superman, what's a king to a god? In regards to Wonder Woman, what's a King to a goddess? In regards to Batman, what's a god to a man?

I hear a lot of talk about how lame Aquaman is and a lot of people don't recognise how important it is to be king. Superman and Wonder Woman have to look out for the good of the people, yet you'll find that even though they're good folk in their own right, there's a severe disconnection that comes with power. Unless they were to lose their powers, they don't really connect with humans that well.

By the same token, Batman is the most relatable in a lot of ways (we won't discuss how the power of money makes him nigh invulnerable,) being a man and plunging his hands into the filth of Gotham city to try and make it a better place.

Aquaman is one of those go between characters. It even shows in his biology. He interacts with people on both land and sea and between god and man. He is a leader and arguably a better diplomat than most.

Now that I think about it, maybe that's the real reason that people don't like Aquaman, because people don't like politicians.

But I digress.

Seeing Aquaman fight for people who are now under his care shows his true potential as a diplomat, crime fighter and king.

Furthermore, it's exciting to see the big bad as a background character. You don't really know who they are, but it's really cool to see them pulling the strings.

The art in Sub Diego is beautiful and captures the vastness of the ocean perfectly.

For example, THE BUBBLES! Seriously, if you don't read this for the story, look at it for the art.

Look, the fact of the matter is, this comic is worth reading.

The characters are likeable, the art is awesome and the story is a start to a great arc.

I'm going to give this 4 and a half stars.

Many thanks to Josh Crump over at Gotham Knights Fan Films for this recommendation! Go give their page a like!

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