Thursday, 30 July 2015

(Comic) Furioser and Furioser...a look at Furious Vol. 1

Created by Bryan JL Glass and Victor Santos

Now guys, bear with me. I thought I'd try something different by checking out a few comics and reviewing the first volume of their series.

With Furious, we follow Cadence Lark, a former child star who gains her powers after she tries to kill herself in the same way her father did. 

Her powers stem from her anger, making her invulnerable, capable of flight and super strong.

With these powers, she tries to establish herself as the Beacon; a light that pierces the darkness. Through this persona, Cady tries to do right by the people. As her strength and her rage are intertwined, however, her method is often a lot more brutal than she intends for them to be.

This draws attention from the media, who initially paint her in a malevolent light.

The story is a little tricky to follow, as it jumps from flashback to present often abruptly. That doesn't mean it's a bad one by any means. Though I did find the shift in story on a constant basis of taking in information. I felt a need to sleep in order to process afterwards. 

The art style is something that I absolutely loved. I'm a big fan of Invincible, so seeing characters in colourful costumes that are covered in blood appeal to me greatly. Rather than the dark and gritty streets of say, Sin City, however, it uses the bright lights of a Hollywood-esque style to give off this feel that there is little differentiation between glitz and glamour and blood and brutality. 

It does this in style. 

Overall, Furious' story is a brilliant one; a disgraced child star trying to gain redemption by using her newfound powers for good. 

My only issue was a single line.

Furious is being held hostage by a male abuser and he strikes her.

Her response? "You hit like a girl."

It makes me wonder for whom this comic is for. If it's aimed at young women, then that line alone invalidates their strength because a character they identify with says so. It doesn't even seem like something Cady would even say.

For a former actress, I'm sure she could come up with something better than that. 

i.e: "The dead hit harder."

This line aside, I found the story compelling and inspiring. Taking a new superhero, adding Murphy's Law and throwing her to the media is a fantastic way to test her strength of character.

Furthermore, the main villain of this story is excellent. She's like a polar opposite of Cady, with a dash of (justified) crazy thrown in.

I loved this story and hope to see more. more lines like that, please.

4 and a half stars.

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