Friday, 17 July 2015

(Book) Colours of the Wind...a look at Blue Sun, Yellow Sky

I started reading this book with no idea of what was going on. It's how I start most books I plan to review, unless I'm already aware of the universe they're a part of.

The story in this particular book follows Aubrey Johnson, a Houston, TX native artist who moves to Venice beach after her parents die in a car accident.

She spots Jeff, one of her closest friends in high school at the opening and they catch up the next day.

Together, they go on a last minute journey around the world, taking in vast vistas and beautiful, quirky cultural characters.

Aubrey's reason for the trip is because in eight weeks, she's going to go blind.

As far as she's concerned, painting without seeing is like trying to speak without a tongue.

I found myself absorbed in the description of these bustling places. Beautiful imagery filled my head with colour and warmth, all the while feeling morose for what was to come.

The banter between Aubrey and Jeff never felt forced and they always felt like they had a voice of their own. Watching Aubrey interact with people and her thoughts were the best part of the book for me.

All of the characters, large or small, are likeable for their ability to play their parts. Aubrey's rival Rusty is a loveable rogue and their rivalry is encouraging rather than hostile.

Aubrey's transition into blindness is bittersweet in that she experiences so much colour, history and vibrance in the world. All the beautiful places her and Jeff visit, the things they experience, it makes you feel as though you're travelling with them.

Ms. Hoang doesn't just stop on this incredible journey, but adds even more description when Aubrey goes blind. You can close your eyes and imagine the wonderful images that she has painted with her words.

Like all artworks, this book is a mere fragment in the life of Aubrey Johnson, but it makes you feel welcome and sends you on your way feeling as though you can do so much more.

5 stars.

(Reviewer's note: I did notice a couple of spelling errors, however, I do not feel that it took away from the story. But it was necessary to mention.)

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