Tuesday, 20 January 2015

(Movie) A plethora of chaos....a look at Birdman

Admittedly throughout the film I found myself thoroughly lost. This film is critically acclaimed and I struggled to grasp what it was really about.  Does that make me stupid? I wouldn't think so. 

A washed up actor is trying to make himself relevant in current society by performing a Broadway adaptation of a book. When he realises that he can only get his big break when he gives himself a break, that's when he finds freedom.

Story/Dialogue: This movie shows what it'd be like to be on a Broadway stage. Thing is, you've got so many people trying to be profound and relevant that in the end, none of them were. It was like the only way to be original or to stand out was to do something absolutely crazy and only then can you break this cycle of normality. The story felt real. Too real. Like the harshness of cold water waking you from your sleepy dream world.

Cinematography: Visually, this movie was....surreal. I liked how they portrayed the duality of power and insanity. It made me question Reggin's mindset. I enjoyed the lighting which gave it an almost 'Noir' kind of feel, especially during the night scenes. (Ask me sometime about why the Mask is one of my top 5 favourite movies.) I had to question some of the camera decisions, however, like the moment that they leave it on a hallway for an overly long amount of time.It didn't feel like a nothing moment, (One of those moments you'd find in a Studio Ghibli film where the plot is not continued, but things are still happening.) It felt like an odd design choice.

Audio: I enjoyed the drum solos, that represented the clashing of thoughts in his mind. I can understand and relate to that. The music, though it featured a lot of classical pieces, did not stand out as much as I would have liked.

Overall: This movie had me wondering what the hell I was watching. If nothing else, this movie has tremendous rewatch value, especially for the analysis of the movie and possibly to work out what the heck is going on. Word of advice, don't watch this with the expectation of it being a superhero movie. It's not.

3 stars. 

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