Wednesday, 20 January 2016

(Comic) Post Apocalyptic racing...a look at Birdlander

The Birdlander is a 5 part comic by Edwin Bickford and Aaron Walther. They've described this comic as a blend of Miyazaki, Mad Max and Moebius. 

Admittedly, I'm not familiar with Moebius, but I can see the resemblance of the Miyazaki films and Mad Max. The art style reminds me a lot of Nausicaa, which is regarded as one of the greatest Miyazaki films of all time.

We're thrown into a post apocalyptic world, where dragonmen make slaves of humans and those who try to survive make use of a nomadic lifestyle. 

In this, we are introduced to Sumi, a lone rider who is on the hunt for someone for reasons as yet unexplained.

This comic from the get go throws you into the deep end, with gritty backgrounds and equally rough looking characters. It a lot of ways, it bears the appearance of a manga while making the characters appear racially diverse. 

I'll say that the first issue doesn't feel like 26 pages. It's feels so packed with things to look at and pay attention to. 

The dialogue offers a lot of information and conveys a natural tone. The use of story as exposition is an old one, but the use of images works better in a comic than it does a movie. 

I enjoyed reading this and I can only hope that it continues to come out. 

Nothing is more important to a storyteller than the listener/reader/watcher saying, "what happens next?"

This is what's grabbed me. I need to know what happens next.

I rate this issue 4 stars. A fantastic read, but I need more.

You can find their site here:

Within they have links to their social media and a patreon where you can contribute to the creation of this excellent comic. 

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